The Rose of the Night

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The rose of the night
(William Sharp)

Il The dark rose of thy mouth

Draw nigher, draw nigher!

Thy breath is the wind of the south,

A wind of fire,

The wind and the rose and darkness,
O Rose of my Desire!

Deep silence of the night,

Hush like a breathless lyre,

Save the sea's thunderous might,

Dim, menacing, dire,

Silence and wind and sea, they are thee,
O Rose of my Desire!

As a wind-eddying flame

Leaping higher and higher,

Thy soul, thy secret name,

Leaps thro' Death's blazing pyre,

Kiss me, Imperishable Fire, dark Rose,
O Rose of my Desire!


Author: William Sharp (Scotland 1885-1905)
Pseudonym: Fiona Macleod
Author's note: "There is an old mystical legend that when a soul among the dead woos a soul among the living, so that both may be reborn as one, the sign is a dark rose, or a rose of flame, in the heart of the night."
Italian translation and adaptation by ©Flory Brown (15/09/2012)  La mia Traduzione

Bibliography: "The Rose of the night" by volume "The hour of beauty" - 1907

Image: The rose by felifee@deviantart
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